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adrien brody, fashion, goong, il mare, joseph gordon-levitt, latter days, male models, harry potter

AS:LDFDFLKF I always post in the wrong journal. :(

73 icons! Generally I like to post in full sets, but some of these were SO ANCIENT that I felt horrible just looking at them sitting in my 'new batch' folder (I NEED NEW BLOOD IN THERE), so I posted them along with my new ones. :B Maybe I'll finish up the sets later, who knows.

[3] Adrien Brody
[12] Fashion
[14] Goong
[5] Goong cast--Joo Ji-Hoon
[3] Il Mare
[2] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[22] Latter Days
[11] Male models--Boyd Holbrook, George Alan, Karl Lindman, Mathias Lauridsen
[1] Harry Potter--Ron Weasley

p.s. Because I'm working with my own caps (and I made, like, FORTY TRILLION) of Latter Days, I hadn't even plowed through 1/30 of the movie before getting tired of iconning, so I basically iconned, like, the unsexiest scenes in the movie. XD; If you want to see boys making out, come back later~ T3T// sorry!

p.p.s. Same goes for the Goong icons, except I don't have any caps to work from yet T___TT I LOVE CG and Shin together (although I still feel really terrible for Yul sobsob ;A;) so expect lots of Shin/CG icons in my next batch~ T^Tb

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Adrien Brody

001. 002. 003.

Fashion [photographs by Aorta]

001. 002. 003. 004. 005. 006. 007. 008. 009. 010. 011. 012.


001. 002. 003. 004. 005. 006. 007. 008. 009. 010. 011. 012. 013. 014.

Goong cast (Joo Ji-Hoon)

001. 002. 003. 004. 005.

Il Mare

001. 002. 003.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

001. 002.

Latter Days

001. 002. 003. 004. 005. 006. 007. 008. 009. 010. 011. 012. 013. 014. 015. 016. 017. 018. 019. 020. 021. 022.

Male models (Boyd Holbrook, George Alan, Karl Lindman, Mathias Lauridsen)

001. 002. 003. 004. 005. 006. 007. 008. 009. 010. 011.

Harry Potter (Ron Weasley)


- The Ron Weasley icon is actually in response to a request from vickylicious~ T3T/ I know you requested Ron with a butterfly, but I did this one just for fun when I was looking for caps. XD; I'll make a proper icon later, ok. ♥
- My Latter Days icons are really gross. BETTER ONES ARE COMING IN THE FUTURE. I'M SORRY, oh_insanity TTATT *weeps tears of penitence*
- WATCH IL MARE. It is so beautiful. I will finish up the Il Mare set in time, because it's just one of those movies that DEMANDS iconning.

+ bamboo_house and foto_decadent + dearest + hylin

If I've forgotten to credit you with anything, TELL ME PLEASE. D:

Tags: adrien brody, fashion, goong, goong cast, harry potter, il mare, joo ji-hoon, joseph gordon-levitt, male models
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