persiandust (persian_dust) wrote in iconerie,

v, lost, keira knightley

Tags: keira knightley, lost, v for vendetta
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27 is awesome. Great job all around and will credit!
Snagging 1,2,3,7,26,27, and def 28 because its just so cute! thanks alot! and will credit when used!
*chuckles* @ 28! great job on all of them.
took 1. all are AMAZING, though. will credit.
snagged 26! :)

Deleted comment

Heehee, thanks! Your icon rocks too.
Taking some from the Keira ones, I'll credit!^^
God. Your V eggs are brilliant!! I can't stop laughing. But I'm snagging #25 because I love that intro he gave. Great use of it! Will credit when used. Thank you!
Lovely Keira icons :D
Nice work on all of these, especially the Lost!
Very nice icons :D
I would love something with Evey holding V near the end of the movie.
Will do in next post! Thanks!

V icon


11 years ago

The V icons are great!
I had been waiting for V 28. The first one is brilliant! I'm short on time, so I may come back and peruse at leisure.
I took #4. Thank you!
Apron Love!! Will snag the apron ones, 27, and of COURSE, 28! I'm telling you, that V-egg is GOLDdust, baby!!
We will never get enough of the apron love. EVER. (Although I'm sure Alan Moore thanks that's quite enough of that. :D)

The V-egg should come as a squeezable plush.
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