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v, lost, keira knightley

Tags: keira knightley, lost, v for vendetta
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Very nice icons :D
I would love something with Evey holding V near the end of the movie.
Will do in next post! Thanks!

V icon


10 years ago

The V icons are great!
I had been waiting for V 28. The first one is brilliant! I'm short on time, so I may come back and peruse at leisure.
I took #4. Thank you!
Apron Love!! Will snag the apron ones, 27, and of COURSE, 28! I'm telling you, that V-egg is GOLDdust, baby!!
We will never get enough of the apron love. EVER. (Although I'm sure Alan Moore thanks that's quite enough of that. :D)

The V-egg should come as a squeezable plush.
Taking 35,36,38,and 44. Will credit. Nice work!
DD-V! How awesome! I'm not nicking any at this point but these are very well done. A lovely batch.
OHMY! I hadn't noticed that you iconed the breakfast egg we were gonna eat in that other post! ♥

And I'm glad you like them!
Totally yoinking 20, 27 and 28. XDDD Amazing!! Will credit!
omg these are wonderfull! Took 1,4,27, and 28. Will credit of course :)
Love the vendetta ones! They're awesome! Taking some. Will credit!!
I don't usually like cartoon-V icons, but #28 is a little too amazing to pass up.
Heehee, thank you!
Taking 001, 006, and 028.
Quite amazing.
Will credit!
32 33 35 and 36! Thanks! I <3 these!
taking 2 and 27! so hawt =D
Holy shit, girl! xD This is a HARDCORE post. LOVING the V and Lost icons (omg the DDR one... I just... I...can't even), they make me feel inadequate. A+++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Way to go pimping this like crazy xD ♥
Ohhh, MERCCIIIII1!!!!! I'm so glad I have the approval of teh amazing Conneh!


I tried to pimp the comm as much as possible, but I suppose we should actually be like JOIN, PEOPLE, ZOMG, JOIN NOW.
beautiful icons. Took some of the V ones, and one Lost (Jack in the shower!!). Will credit.
I love these! Snagged a few of the Evie icons. Will credit. Thank you!
These are so good! I love 5, 6, 7, and 21. Will credit if used. ♥
37 I love! Taking, will credit when use, thanks!
woah nice :)

snaggin 10, 23, 27. Will credit when used.
Love, love, LOVE the V icons! Snagging several and will credit! Beautiful work! ::grins::
Finch~! I don't know if I'm taking it or not yet, but I adore 22.
Thanks! Finch needs to be loved more ♥
Awesome icons. Grabbing #4! Will credit.
OMG the V icons are awesome! And I'm snagging 7, 13 and 25, thanks for making :)

Deleted comment

Thanks, Monj! I'm so glad you liked them!

Do you by any chance have a pic of Evey waking up that time? I have an image of just the room, but no picture with her in it. (ahhhh, the DVD needs to come out so we can have high-quality caps!)

Deleted comment


11 years ago

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